Artisan – one that produces something in limited quantities using tradional methods.

Bread has been a staple in people’s diets for many centuries, and for the majority of that time it was made by hand. Since the industrial revolution, it has become common to produce bread in large factories. From that time, machine produced breads, full of preservatives and unnatural ingredients, have dominated the shelves of supermarkets and corner stores.

We, at European Breads, believe that making bread is not about following an exact recipe, but instead about honoring the traditions of artisan baking. We provide bread in the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Our bakers use their expertise to test the fermentation, knead, mould and shape the breads and a trained eye to tell when the bread is just right to come out of the oven.

It is our vision that more and more communities will have neighborhood artisan bakeries of their own; in turn bring the experience and enjoyment of locally, handmade products within minutes of their front doors.